Choose the Right Bar Stools for Nightclubs or Bars

Decorating and equipping a nightclub or bar takes imagination, creativity, and a solid sense of what is good-looking, practical, and cost-effective, as well as hard-wearing and long-lasting. You want your patrons to feel comfortable, enjoy the ambiance, and ultimately spend time and money in your establishment. So, it’s a no-brainer that choosing the best bar stools for your nightclub or bar is vital. Because there is so much choice, there are a number of challenges to consider.

What to Look For When Choosing Bar Stools for Nightclubs

Apart from considering size and space requirements, and budget, style, safety, and flexibility are also important. You will also have to decide which type of bar stools are right for your nightclub or bar. Some have backs, some don’t. Some are fixed to the floor, others aren’t. Some have arms and some are designed to swivel.
  • Style is an important factor when choosing the right bar stools, particularly if you have established a theme or chosen a specific style of décor for your establishment. Different types of bar stools create their own impact. For instance, chrome and vinyl are ideal if you want an authentic 1950s retro look. Chrome, brushed brass, and stainless steel will help to create a classic contemporary look when combined with a streamlined shape and upholstered seat and back. Most types of bar stool may be used to create a sports bar theme, though color will help keep the theme together. Even if you decide on one or two different colors, it’s important to stick to one style of stool.
  • Safety is vital. It’s one thing to furnish your home bar with something cheap and cheerful that isn’t going to last for decades, but a commercial establishment can’t afford to ignore the implications of choosing lightweight bar stools that might tip over. Also, at home you know who will be using the bar stools; in a nightclub or bar, people vary greatly in size and shape as well as age. Generally, bar stools with backs and arms are safer than other types. Those that are fixed to the ground are also safer, although they are not as flexible, and they might not fit your space requirements.
  • Flexibility is a factor that cannot be ignored, particularly in a multi-functional nightclub where they need to be moved from time to time. Having said that fixed bar stools are generally safer, the fact is that in addition to lacking flexibility, they take up more space. This might not matter if your nightclub or bar has long counters, but if space is tight, flexibility will be important.
  • Budget is fundamental to the success of any business, but this doesn’t mean you should simply choose the cheapest product. Apart from anything else, a good quality product will last a lot longer, so you will win in the long run. At the same time, there are some excellent products that are well-priced so you can be selective.
How to Choose the Right Type of Bar Stools Apart from the choice between fixed and moveable bar stools, you will need to decide which type is right for you.
  • Bar stools with backs take a little more space than those that don’t have backs. While they are generally safer and more comfortable than bar stools without backs, seats with backs cannot be tucked right under a bar counter.
  • Bar stools without backs and arms add to the style of many establishments. They are generally more flexible and will enable you to accommodate more people at the bar.
  • Bar stools with swivel seats are very popular because they allow customers to move position without leaving their seats. Like backs and arms, stools with swivel mechanisms do take up more space.

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