Commercial-Quality Bar Stool – What does it mean?

As a bar stool manufacturer and retailer of high-quality bar stools, individuals oftentimes ask: when it comes to bar stool furniture, what exactly does Commercial-Quality mean? Commercial quality generally is meant to imply that the products can withstand commercial (retail or mass) use.  Much like other retail products, bar stools should not breakdown after short-term use.  In our experience, American manufactured bar stools last 8 times longer than cheap, imported bar stools that are not made to commercial-quality.  Their swivels are made from cheap bar stool metal and thin aluminum for the bar stools with legs – both bend and crack in the short-run. Commercial-quality, American-made bar stools (like the ones we sell) start by never skimping on parts.  They are built to withstand the test of time and allow both home users and commercial bar stool users such as restaurant owners to enjoy the product long-term. All bar stools sold on Budget Bar Stools are hand-assembled and made using American parts and components wherever possible.  We reinforce all seat parts with wood, fiberboard and foam.  Cheap all foam seats are cheaper but compress quickly over time. The trade off for Commercial-quality is certainly not: price vs. quality.  Take for example, the Los Angeles bar stool which retails at $59.00.  This product rivals the price of all imported bar stools found online.  Our New York Bar stool retails for only $28.00 and is made with the same high-quality components as everything else on our site. So when you’re looking for a new bar stool, be sure to buy a bar stool that advertises “Commercial quality” and is not a cheap import.  Not only does buying American mean higher-quality parts but those parts will outlast imported parts – whether you’re a home owner looking for 2 kitchen bar stool or a restaurant owner looking for a quantity of 50.  Check us out online –

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