30" Bar Stools

Outfitting a commercial pub or restaurant with bar facilities takes careful thought and planning. It isn’t just the design of the bar counter that’s important, but rather, the relationship between the counter and the bar stools you use. If the height of the stools versus the counter is too great your customers won’t be able to reach the counter with ease. If the distance between the top of counter and top of the bar seat is insufficient, they will tend to have to slouch over the counter, and will likely find there is not enough space for their legs. Overall, if the commercial bar stools you choose don’t work with the design and height of your bar counter, customers will be uncomfortable and you are likely to lose business.

The industry standard for pub and restaurant bar stools is 30 inches, and the top counter should be about 12 inches higher, making it 42-inches high. Since the accepted height for lower counter stools is 24 inches, if your bar counter is an inch or two lower than 42 inches, you will likely need to have bar stools custom made. If it is any higher, average-height customers won’t be able to reach the countertop when standing.

Bars stools for restaurants and pubs are available in a wide selection of designs. Popular 30″ restaurant bar stools come with and without backs, sometimes with arm-rests, and often with foot-rest rails as well as swivel mechanisms that make it easier for customers to get onto the stools.

The Best 30” Restaurant Bar Stools From Budget Bar Stools

BudgetBarStools has a comprehensive selection of 30-inch bar stools of different types, all of which are high-quality commercial grade that will withstand the typical wear and tear expected in a busy bar environment. Our range incorporates all the possible design features, in this way catering to the varied needs of our discerning customers.

Named after people and places, BudgetBarStools’ best 30-inch bar stools are available with and without backs in six standard colors, enabling you to receive your off-the-shelf order in record time. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a limited choice though, as BudgetBarStools caters for a remarkably wide range of colors that we are more than happy to custom make. We also custom-make bar stools to order.

So, if you are furnishing or refurbishing your pub or restaurant and need high-quality commercial bar stools, contact us today to discuss your needs. We are ready to exceed your expectations.