Bar Stools With Backs

Like all bar stools for restaurants and pubs, those with backs come in a wide variety of designs and styles, as well as sizes and heights. Most pub owners opt for 30-inch bar stools and build their bar counters 12 inches higher than the seats. Eating establishments that utilize counters for serving food or as waiting stops tend to prefer slightly lower 36-inch high counters that are teamed with 24-inch high restaurant bar stools.

The challenge is to find the design that will best suit your bar, restaurant, or diner.

The Best Bar Stools With Backs From Budget Bar Stools

BudgetBarStools has a wide range of both 30-inch and 24-inch bar stools with backs. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they range from classic, straight-lined bucket bar stools to retro commercial bar stools with round or rectangular seats.

The various bucket bar stool designs feature padded backs that are joined to padded seats that are set on a framework that has either a ring or rectangular footrest bar. These are great for supporting the lower back. The round and rectangular bar stools have raised backs in a range of shapes that support the middle back.

All BudgetBarStools’ bar stools with backs are upholstered in high-quality vinyl for authenticity. There are six standard colors to choose from, as well as a multitude of custom colors. Custom bar stool designs are also available.