Bar Stools Without Backs

Generally, bar stools without backs take up less room and they look neater. It is usually possible to push them under the counter so that they don’t take up space when they aren’t in use. The overall height of bar stools with backs is more than the height of the bar counter, so the seat itself will fit under the counter but not the back. Bar stools without backs are also lighter in weight than bar stools with backs – for obvious reasons – and so are easier to move around to accommodate the needs of customers.

Of course, simply having bar stools with backs doesn’t necessarily make them ergonomically superior to those restaurant bar stools that don’t have backs. Whichever type you opt for, other vital factors to consider include the height of the stool, the quality and size of the seat, and whether a swivel system is part of the design or not. You will find all these design features in bar stools without backs.

Additionally, commercial bar stools without backs can make an impact in terms of the design of the restaurant or bar interior as a whole, depending on the style that you choose. For instance, a sleek, stylish design with brightly colored upholstered seats will stand out and become a focal point in both modern and retro environments. Colors may even be mixed or a monochromatic combination of black and white used for a more minimalistic approach.

The Best Restaurant Bar Stools Without Backs From Budget Bar Stools

BudgetBarStools offers a range of bar stools without backs, all of which have generously padded round seats, particularly the tub-type Montego and Roswell designs that take backless bar stool designs to a superior level of comfort.

The brass and brushed chrome framework of the stools is surprisingly varied, and there are square and circular footrest rails. Some are made with a double ring. The standard upholstery material is retro vinyl. Even though we only offer six standard colors for off-the-shelf purchases, our vinyl is available in many different colors and patterns.

Backless commercial bar stools from BudgetBarStools are of the highest quality, but prices are as low as you will find in the industry. Call us today to discuss your needs.