Diner Chairs

Synonymous with the all-American dream and nostalgia of the 1950s, diner chairs are designed for an authentic retro look. Ideal for contemporary fast-food outlets that mimic the style of converted rail-car diners with vinyl restaurant booths and Formica tables, they are practical, attractive, and provided you choose a high-quality product, long-lasting too.

Restaurant diner chairs are made with a metal frame and padded seat and back that provides support for the middle back. But this doesn’t mean they are all alike visually. While the shape of the framework is pretty standard, the thickness of diner chair backs and seats varies. Sometimes backs are simply padded, but channel quilting, tufted detail, and buttons create remarkable variety.

While single-color diner chairs are common, some of the most popular designs include a second color – usually white – on the back, either for the buttons used for button-tufting, for piping, or for a section of the back of the diner chairs, adding a sense of pattern to chairs.

Find Your Retro Restaurant Diner Chairs at Budget Bar Stools

Budget Bar Stools specializes in commercial bar stools including quality bar stools for restaurants, pubs, and diners. Our range of commercial-grade diner chairs has a lovely retro appeal and highly attractive price tag.

The design of our diner chairs follows the authentic style of chairs made in the mid-20th century, and includes attractive handle-back, tufted, and channeled chairs. We make our frames from 14-gauge steel that is finished with brushed chrome or brass. This adds to the weight of the chairs and ensures that they will last for many years in a full-service restaurant environment.

Like our bar stools for restaurants and pubs, our range of diner chairs is available in a standard range of colors to allow for quick shipping. Standard colors for the vinyl used for diner chair upholstery include black, white, two shades of red, green, blue, yellow, and tan. Additionally, we can upholster them in a custom color, pattern, or finish of your choice.

Whether you are fitting out a new diner or restaurant, or revamping an older establishment, call us to discuss how we can help you meet your needs.