Metal, or more specifically steel, is a popular material for commercial bar stools, particularly bar stools for restaurants, pubs, and retro diners. Of course, when steel is used, it has to be welded to create the framework. Seats and backs (if they are in fact bar stools with backs) are then fitted to the framework. These may be plain, but are more usually padded for comfort and may incorporate tufting, buttons, and channel quilting that adds visual interest to the bar stools.

Typical bar stool parts include:

  • Replacement seats
  • Barstool covers
  • Frames that are made in various shapes and sizes
  • Commercial bar stool swivels
  • Universal and custom-made glides for the feet of diner chairs and commercial bar stools
  • Replacement foot-rest rails

The important issue is to ensure that any parts you order for your bar stools or diner chairs will be suitable for use with the stools and chairs you are fixing or revamping.

Find Parts for Bar Stools at BudgetBarStools

BudgetBarStools’ diner chairs and bar stools for restaurants and pubs are made to last. But there is no doubt they will take a beating over the years and it is inevitable that some parts will need to be replaced now and then.

We have a standard range of the most popular parts restaurant, bar, and diner owners need to repair our commercial bar stools. These include black bar stool replacement seats, 15-inch bar stool seat covers, square black and chrome frames, as well as single- and double-ring, and chrome tulip frames suitable for commercial bar stools. We also stock several different foot-rest rails, diner chair glides in packs of eight, bar stool glides, and flat bar stool swivel mechanisms.

If you need anything else we will do our best to source the parts for you. Contact us today to discuss your specific commercial bar stool and diner chair needs.