Restaurant Bar Stools

Café bar stools are another option for restaurants. Lighter in weight than most other types, they commonly have a metal frame and incorporate a stylish back and either an upholstered seat. Typical heights include 24 and 30 inches. These, as well as retro chrome and vinyl bar stools, may be matched to regular table height chairs that are used elsewhere in the establishment. If you want stools that fit under the counter when not in use, those without backs might be the best choice.

Find Your Restaurant Bar Stools at Budget Bar Stools

Budget Bar Stools specializes in commercial restaurant bar stools including both 24- and 30-inch designs that are available both with and without backs. Your choice will depend on the service you offer. For instance, if you give people the option to eat at a counter rather than a table, bar stools with backs will be more comfortable. If you simply have counters and stools where people can drink prior to eating, bar stools without backs may be a more obvious choice. The height you choose will depend on the height of your bar counters.

Our restaurant bar stools with backs range from retro designs to classic bucket stools, all of which are upholstered in top quality vinyl. Our backless designs also boast vinyl-upholstered seats for comfort and ease of maintenance. All are made locally in Chicago, Illinois, and they feature American-made swivel mechanisms that enable them to revolve 360 degrees.

Budget Bar Stools’ restaurant bar stools are well priced and they are sold with a full year’s manufacturer’s warranty. So, whether you are furnishing a new restaurant or remodeling an old establishment, call us today to see how we can help you choose the best bar stools available.