Restaurant Diner Chairs

While bright bold colors are popular, white is sometimes added for variety and impact, either as piping, or to add contrast to the back of the chair. Buttons used for tufting may also be a different color, usually white.

The Best Restaurant Diner Chairs From Budget Bar Stools

BudgetBarStools offers a good range of quality restaurant diner chairs that are strong and manufactured to last. Made in America, they are commercial grade and incorporate fully welded 14-gauge steel frames that make them ideal for full-service restaurants.

The design and manufacture of our restaurant diner chairs are in keeping with the authenticity of 1950s style. The metal framework is chromed or finished with brass, and only the best retro-style vinyl is used for the upholstery. We offer six standard colors but are able to accommodate all custom orders to meet your needs.

Because the frames of our restaurant diner chairs are welded from top quality steel, they are heavy, weighing about 21 lbs each. This makes them highly serviceable but doesn’t affect the very attractive prices we are able to offer.

Whether you know exactly what sort of retro restaurant diner chairs you want or are still deciding, give us a call and we’ll see how we can best meet your needs.