Single Ring Frame

Replace the frames on your old bar stool with these brand new 19 gauge chrome plated steel frames. These frames are meant to fit standard round seats smaller than 15″ in diameter. This frame also works on round seats with backs. The single ring frame comes in two heights. The 30″ frame is about 25″ tall and meant to be used with a 1″ swivel and a 4″ seat to make a 30″ bar stool. The 24″ frame is about 19″ tall before you add a 4″ seat and a 1″ swivel. Each frame will ship with nylon glides (not pictured) and a standard flat swivel. Our frames are built for every day commercial use.

Price: $28.75


Product Specifications

Our New York Bar Stool Frame is available at a height for 24″ or 30″ stools, to replace worn, rusted, or damaged frames. Each ships with our 6″ x 6″ standard American-made steel swivel.

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