Design Features of the Best Bar Stools

Have you ever noticed how different bar stools are in different commercial establishments? It shouldn’t really be a surprise, because, like all types of furniture, commercial bar stools are available in a wide array of designs. There are different heights. There are some bar stools with backs and many without backs. Some swivel, some don’t. Some are adjustable, others aren’t. Some are padded, some aren’t, and the upholstery used for seats and backs varies as much as it does for any other type of furniture. The challenge when furnishing an establishment with commercial bar stools is to make sure they meet the needs of your customers and ultimately help to increase your bottom line. How to Choose the Right Height Bar Stool The industry standard for commercial bar stools when it comes to height is that 24-inch stools are used for restaurant and domestic kitchen counters and 30-inch stools are used in bars where drinking rather than eating is the norm. That said, pub grub is popular in bars and so food is generally served regardless of the type of establishment. Essentially, you need to identify your patronage and make sure that you meet their needs in terms of comfort. Opting for Bar Stools with Backs or Without Backs Bar stools are available with and without backs, and again comfort is a big factor. But unless you want people to stay in your establishment for protracted periods of time, bar stools without backs may very well meet your needs, particularly if they are well proportioned and nicely padded. When you choose bar stools with backs you need to evaluate the kind of support they give. For instance, some provide support to the lower back while others only support the middle back. Generally, seats that are attached to the back are better for lower back support. Either way, commercial bar stool backs should be nicely padded for comfort. Foot Rest Rails for Restaurant Bar Stools Try sitting on a high seat that doesn’t provide anywhere for your feet to rest. Then try eating and drinking with your feet swinging in the air. It’s fine if there is a rail at the base of the counter that your feet can reach, but it might be a challenge for shorter patrons. Without a doubt, commercial bar stools with footrest rails are more comfortable than those without because there is no way anybody’s feet will reach the floor! Arm Rests for Commercial Bar Stools How important are arm rests for bar stools? This is a subject for debate but one that is probably not very important. After all, customers who eat at counters don’t need arm rests and those who drink at counters commonly rest their elbows on the counter. But it is an option to be considered. Upholstery for Commercial Bar Stools There is absolutely no doubt that chairs for diners and bar stools for restaurants and pubs play a role in the overall décor of the establishment. Both the style of chairs and bar stools are important as well as upholstery used for padded seats and backs. Vinyl is a popular material because it is easy to clean, comes in varied and vibrant colors, and it is great for creating a retro look.

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